Your power when and where you want it

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    20 year investment

    Flow batteries have a long product lifetime, requiring relatively low maintenance. With over 20 years of operation, flow batteries outlive most competing technologies.

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    Environmental impact

    Our battery is almost entirely reuseable, even after 20 years of operation – making flow batteries close to fully recyclable.

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    Flow batteries are non-flammable and can be installed inside of buildings and underground.

The solution.

  • Flow batteries might be the world's most environmentally friendly, large-scale battery, having more than 20 years of operational lifetime and being almost entirely recyclable.

  • Greener, cheaper – Bryte's improvement has resulted in two-folded benefits; increasing the batteries efficiency while also reducing the construction costs.

  • With Bryte's unique flow battery, our customers will be able to better utlize their power generation and management.

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    Peak shaving

    Charge up your batteries during nighttime and discharge them daytime to reduce your power peaks!

  • Flexible

    Flexible energy storage

    Flow batteries are modular and can easily be fitted to your needs! Be it high power or high capacity applications.

  • Renewable

    Reliable renewables

    Deliver and store your renewable power reliably. Charging during overproduction, and deliver it when the need is present.