About us

Bryte develops and sells sustainable batteries

helping companies transition to reliable, affordable and clean energy.

Our Mission

Large scale batteries are crucial to fulfilling the needs of the future’s energy storage demand, and we are here to make sure the transition to renewable energy happens seamlessly and efficiently.

We believe that stationary batteries are the key to enable renewable energy production. Us in Bryte help companies by analyzing their needs and delivering a long lasting, affordable and sustainable battery solution.

A team photo of bryte
A photo of Brian Stead and Besart Olluri

Our Story

Bryte was founded in 2020 by us, Brian Stead and Bess Olluri, who wanted to prove that flow batteries could be made more efficiently and less expensively.

Joining us on the team we have people with strong academic and multinational backgrounds, who are passionate about the environment. We are eager to welcome a clean and sustainable future together.

  • We prioritize the environment

    We believe that stationary batteries are the key to enable renewable energy production!

  • We enable on clean and efficient energy

    The energy production today is reliant on unrenewable energy resources, we want to change that.

Our team

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    Ask Ibsen Lindal


    • +47 984 48 526
    • ask@brytebatteries.com
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    Brian Stead

    COO and Co-Founder

    • +47 979 39 822
    • brian@brytebatteries.com
  • employee avatar
    Ellen Loxley

    Head of Growth

    • +47 454 45 540
    • ellen@brytebatteries.com
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    Dr. Wilfred Booij

    IPR & Simulation

  • employee avatar
    Reem Haile Kidane

    Lead Project Developer

    • reem@brytebatteries.com
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    Jonas Brunsvik

    Embedded Engineer

    • jonas@brytebatteries.com
  • employee avatar
    Andreas Ipsen

    Product and Web Developer

    • andreas@brytebatteries.com
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    Ragnar Bø

    Chair of the Board

    • +47 909 44 044
    • ragnar@brytebatteries.com

Sponsors and Partners

  • 6AM Accelerator
  • Innovasjon norge
  • Regionale Forskningsfond Trøndelag
  • Adolf Øiens Fond
  • Renergy
  • Solenergi Klyngen
  • Flow Batteries Europe
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    Head Office

    Leirfossvegen 5D | 7037 Trondheim Norway

    Oslo Office

    Kongens gate 6 | 0153 Oslo Norway

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